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Service, service, service: It may be a cliché at other agencies, but it is our mantra. In the vernacular of our first client, Round Table Pizza, what we do is “use the client’s ‘dough’ in the right places, at the right times and at the best prices. Then, we stretch the dough further with "added value.”

Relationships, relationships, relationships: Pal 8 Media was founded upon closely knit relationships among those of us who work together. More than that, our primary business relationship is always with each of our clients. However, without our on-going relationships, cultivated over the years with media vendors, there would be no way we could so effectively stretch our clients’ dough as we have in the past, do now and fully expect to continue doing into the future.

Results, results, results: Starting with a single client, Pal 8 Media has expanded to seven… and counting. We have added and maintained these clients due to the results we have helped them achieve. Join us and see what we can do for you.



What’s in Our Name: Pal 8

Infinity stood upright is “8.”  And “Pal” is the Korean pronunciation of the number 8.  When verbally echoed,  the combined “Pal Pal” translates as “vibrant,” with a meaning embodying the “fullness of energy.”  8 is a propitious number in Asia… thus the Olympics of 1988 in Seoul and the 08/08/08 Olympics in Beijing.  Think of us as a palette upon which creative musings can be mixed.

Jae-won Byun, following more than a decade of work in advertising, founded and incorporated Pal 8 Media in 2003 when the Marketing Department of a former client missed her level-of-service & insights and requested that she start her own Media Buying Service, with their company, Round Table Pizza, as her first client.

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National, Regional, and Local​
Search, Display, Video, Remarketing, Social Media, Influencer & Advocacy Marketing
National & Spot Radio,
Digital Streaming
Magazines, Newspapers,
Direct Mail
Static & Digital, Transit, Spectaculars, Sports Sponsorships
Event Activations, Interactive Installations, Street Teams
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Jae-won Byun

Steve Manis


Myra Yonemura

Diana Watts

Jennifer Bower

Joanne Larson

Karrmen Tshing

Gabriela Salazar

Trang Nguyen

Corrina Bonham

Thomas Campana

Emily Neff

Rita Wu

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We are located in Santa Barbara, CA 


1187 Coast Village Rd.#497
Santa Barbara, CA 93108


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